Widget to Make Your Blogger Blog Mobile Friendly

For a while I’ve been annoyed with Blogger as there was no easy way to make a mobile version. WordPress.com blogs have built-in WPTouch and self hosted WordPress blogs can just use the WPTouch plug-in.

Enter Blogger Touch.

It is a widget you put on your Blogger sidebar that automatically makes a mobile version of your blog. It redirects all traffic from iPhone, iPod touch, Android, or Opera Mini to a mobile friendly version. I do not know this works for a Blackberry.

Regular webpage

Same page with Blogger Touch

Thanks to our latest member TeamEdwardPOV for bringing this to my attention. Smart gals over there!

So go to the Blogger Touch webpage and enter in your blog info to get the widget code to put in your sidebar. When you’re mobile friendly let me, TwilightCupcake, know at twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com.


2 responses to “Widget to Make Your Blogger Blog Mobile Friendly

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  2. Thanks a lot man, I’ve just made my 3 mobile blogs and made some edits in the HTML so the widget will appear as only 2 links in the footer

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