FLAG: Best Way to Put Fanfiction.net on Your Mobile

Thanks go to 17foreverlisa for sharing this idea with me. It was posted by LolaShoes as this beloved author is removing her stories from her fanfiction.net page and wanted to give readers some time to save them. Lovely of her to give us notice. Thanks to them for posting this idea so I can share it on Twi-Mobile.

This is my new favourite way of adding fanfiction.net stories onto my mobile devices. I use my iPhone and iPad but this should work for saving stories on your computer, Sony eReader, Koboreader, and takes a bit more work for Kindle and Blackberry.

Reminder FLAG is for fanfiction.net and not for for twilighted.net – you must use the Fanfiction Downloader for that. Click here for more info.

FLAG – Fanfiction Lightweight Automatic Grabber

I’ve known about FLAG for a while but hadn’t tried it yet. Kicking myself because this is super easy and quick to use.

Steps for Using FLAG

If you are on an iPad or computer

1) Go to http://flag.erayd.net/

2) Skip to step 7.

If you are on your iPhone/iPod touch the best way to read your fanfiction will be an epub file in the Stanza app. To get the epub file into Stanza you’ll need to

1) Install Stanza app and open it

2) Click Get Books at the bottom

3) Click Shared at the top then Click Edit in the Top Right

4) Click Add Book Source and then click Web Page on the bottom right

5) Type

Name: FLAG

URL:  http://flag.erayd.net/

Click Save in the upper right corner then click Done in the upper right corner.

6) Now Click on FLAG as one of your Book Sources and the Flag Webpage should open.


7) Type in the Story ID number from the fanfiction.net story you’d like to save.

For example the Lolashoes classic “Let Your Light Shine” story had this URL


The story ID is the highlighted 4837355. 

8) Select file format: choose from


BBeB/LRF – for Sony ereader

ePub* – preferred format (see below)


9) Click Get and wait for the file to download. On the iPad you will be prompted to choose which iPad e-reader app you would like to open the epub file.

Note – on iPhones you must go to the FLAG webpage from within Stanza using steps 1-6 above as you cannot download this file directly from Safari.

iPad E-Reader App Options:


Stanza or Kobobooks – my preferred method

– reading an ePub file you can change to smaller/larger font

– easily skip to the chapter you want

– can add notations and bookmarks



– only reads PDF files

– cannot change font size except zooming in/out of the page but then turning the page makes you move around the page instead of just, well, turning

– no clear chapter headings to jump between

FYI – Kindle for iPad – even though I have this app installed it doesn’t even come up as an option to open an ePub or PDF file that I want to download.

For Kindle or Blackberry Users

As for getting these files onto a Kindle or Blackberry I know that you can read PDF files on those devices so my guess would be you’d have to use the Email option in FLAG and then open up your file from your email.

An alternative if you want to control font size and create chapter headings is to use FLAG to create you could also convert HTML or epub files into mobi files using desktop software such as Calibre or the free Mobipocket eBook Creator. This is not the easiest process but definitely feasible if you insist on having a nice ebook.

Let me know if you have questions about any of the above. I didn’t do screencaps this time because I thought it was pretty clear. If you need help just email me (TwilightCupcake) at twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com.

I’ll be adding this to the top of the Mobile Fanfic info page soon.


3 responses to “FLAG: Best Way to Put Fanfiction.net on Your Mobile

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this information:) I love to be able to read FF on my iPhone but reading from the web drains my battery. I have never used Stanza before but I will from now on:)

  2. ‘t was exactly what I need. So convenient and easy 2use. Thanks a lot!
    The site address had changed though – it’s flagfic.com now.
    And personally I prefer GoodReader app on iPhone cus it can set the font size for PDF file, making it a lot more comfortable to read.

    • Oh yes I’ve changed the stickied pages to reflect this but not prev posts. Thanks for the info re: Goodreader as sometimes things only seem to come on PDF. Will have to try it out 🙂

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