Twilight iPad Cases

iPad case twilight
I have a Speck case for my iPad. Same brand as my iPhone case. It’s a bit bulky but totally worth it since I have two young boys and I’m a total klutz.

I was content until I came across these iPad cases at Cafepress. They aren’t cheap but oh so pretty! My favourites?iPad Case twilight

iPad case twilightiPad case twilightiPad case EdwardiPad case twilight ForksiPad case twilightiPad case team jacob

Yes, I threw in a Team Jacob one there too because the design was nice.

There is a regular iPad case option or the 5-in-1 iPad case by Brenthaven which can be used as a stand for viewing, for easy typing, a strap for easy holding while reading, and (best of all) a strap to hang it over your headrest so the kids can watch a movie!

By the way, Zazzle also has custom iPad cases and the quality is supposed to be excellent. But they have pulled all Twilight related merchandise (except fanfic merchandise thank god) so they aren’t an option for Twilight iPad cases.

In case you wanted a skin to put directly on your iPad check out this post by ipadcoversblog on Eclipse skins.

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