New Breaking Dawn Wallpapers

 In celebration of Valentine’s Day and also Breaking Dawn filming coming to Vancouver, I made some Breaking Dawn wallpapers.

Click for full size. I’ve made desktop, iPhone, Blackberry, and iPad versions.

Desktop 1920 X 1242 - My personal wallpaper now.

Desktop 1920X1242 - b&w with release date

iPhone 4 640X960 retina screen

Blackberry 480X360

iPad 1024X1024

iPad 1024X1024 - b&w with release date

iPad 1024X1024 - b&w no date

iPad 1024X1024 - original logo by Summit

3 responses to “New Breaking Dawn Wallpapers

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  3. stephanie (luvtwilight72)

    These are great:) Thanks for sharing, I esp love the iPhone wall paper!

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