Kristen Stewart Vogue Wallpapers

I have noticed a real lack of Kristen Stewart wallpapers recently. Not that I don’t adore Rob but I thought it was only fair…

From her recent Vogue shoot – I’ve kept the fiddling to a minimum since I just love the basic black & white shots.

Kristen Stewart iPhone wallpaper

iPhone 4 640X960

Kristen Stewart iPad wallpaper

iPad 1024X1024

Kristen Stewart Blackberry wallpaper

Blackberry 480X360

Kristen Stewart LG Neon wallpaper

LG Neon 320X240

 The following one wasn’t great for iPad but here are the rest.

Kristen Stewart Blackberry LG Neon wallpaper

Blackberry LG Neon 480 X 360

I decided to make a separate Unlock screen wallpaper as well.
Kristen Stewart iPhone wallpaper unlock

iPhone4 Unlock Screen Only

Kristen Stewart iPhone wallpaper

iPhone4 640X960

iPhone wallpaper Kristen Stewart

iPhone4 640X960

So iPhone 4 users, do you like the Unlock Screen and regular wallpaper concept? I was also thinking of keeping it more text with a faded image in the back. Let me know if you appreciate a wallpaper set – Unlock and then Background.

As always adding these to the Mobile Wallpaper Archives.

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