Reading ePub file email attachments

I was prompted to write this by my recent involvement in putting together the Fandom Gives Back Autism Speaks Compilation. I wanted to see if we could have an iPhone friendly epub version in addition to the standard PDF and was more than happy to help out Nina and the FGB team.

Note Kindle users – you will need the file to be prc/mobi format instead of epub. Let me know at twimobile (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll convert it for you.

Okay for everyone else…
Why is epub better?

  • you can change the font size on epub files
  • jump easily between chapters with a table of contents
  • save where you left off.

From your desktop PC or Mac

– you can read epub files using a free ereader such as Stanza for Desktop See the right sidebar for Desktop downloads.

From your iPad

– just check your email and click on the epub attachment (sometimes you hold down for a second) – the red download button should pop up. If you have multiple readers (eg. iBooks, Stanza, Kobo) it will ask you which one to use. I use Stanza or Kobo but total personal preference. If you don’t have any installed yet I like Stanza the best but you can’t buy books on it – I use it strictly for reading fanfic and other free epub files.

From your iPhone

I realized that there might some readers out there who want to read the epub files but don’t know how to do it from their iPhone.

In case you receive an epub attachment in your email and want to open it on your iPhone:

  1. Install the Stanza app on your iPhone.
  2. Open Stanza – click Get Books on the bottom bar.
  3. Click Shared in the middle of the top bar.
  4. If you don’t see an Add Book Source button click on the Edit button top right.
  5. Click Add Book Source
  6. Click Web Page bottom right
  7. Enter the Name and URL that you normally use to get to your email. For example, Title – Gmail; URL –
  8. Click Save and Done.
  9. So go ahead and press on the new webpage link you’ve created eg. I’ll click on Gmail.
  10. Check your email as you would normally and click on the epub attachment.
  11. Click the open button then the red Download button that shows up.

The file should download – may take a few minutes depending on size.

Voila! Enjoy reading. Email me if you have questions at twimobile (at) gmail (dot) com.

4 responses to “Reading ePub file email attachments

  1. stephanie (luvtwilight72)

    Thanks for that information:) I use Stanza but I didn’t know i could get books from my email.

  2. Thank you!!!!!

  3. just curious, the compilation hasn’t been sent out yet, right? this just gives you instructions on how to read it when it does get sent out?

    • You’re correct Becca. The FGB team should be sending out an email to everyone soon with the attachments. I just posted the instructions ahead of time since I’ll be working during the time of release.

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