Fanfiction on PDFs Made Easy

Now you know PDFs on my iPhone have always been a complete waste of time. I am often frustrated if a fanfic compilation comes as a PDF even went to the trouble of helping put together the Fandom Gives Back Autism Fights Back compilation just so it would be in epub format. Granted I know why the compilations come this way so I’m not blaming anyone but just annoyed as an iPhone user.

Well thanks to the last comment on this blog I finally have a solution.

GoodReader for iPhone or iPad is a very popular app for reading PDFs. Problem is the $4.99 pricetag has kept me from buying it in the past since it’s not for work.

If you have no choice but to read a fanfic in PDF on your iPhone or iPad then you must get GoodReader. It will actually convert a PDF page into regular text format so the font can be enlarged.

The way PDF normally looks on my iPhone

How it looks on GoodReader

You can easily jump to different locations although there aren’t chapter locations that are clickable in the documents I was viewing so I’m not sure if that’s an option.

Quick tip – if you’re trying to read a PDF that is attached to your email you need to open up GoodReader. Then click Web Downloads and Browse the Web. Check your email normally from there and when you click on the PDF email attachment it should download.

I’ll definitely add this to the “Reading Fanfic On Your Mobile” section in the top menu. So happy to find a solution to reading those fanfic compilations!

One response to “Fanfiction on PDFs Made Easy

  1. luvtwilight72

    WOW, I have this app and never thought to use it to read fanfiction on it:) What a great idea, thanks!

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