New Breaking Dawn wallpaper

I got inspired by the new Breaking Dawn trailer. How many times have you watched it?

Click for full iPhone 4 resolution and there’s an iPad sized invite at the bottom.


By the way this is how the first one looks on my iPhone

This is the official poster but rejigged for iPhone 4.

I’ve had their invite on my iPhone and iPad and love it! The dark one somehow seems more fitting.

Working up to “Edward waiting at the aisle” ones…

4 responses to “New Breaking Dawn wallpaper

  1. These are awesome!!! Edward breaking the headboard is HOT!! Thanks for sharing

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  3. I love it!!!, but how do I save it to my phone to set as my wallpaper??

    • So glad you like them! On iPhone or ipad to save any image just click on it and it should open up to the full size high resolution image. Then just hold down on the image for a second or two and a “save image” box should pop up. You can set your wallpaper either in your settings or directly from your photos app/camera roll. Let me know if you have more questions.

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