Want a Twilight photo filter?

I love photography iPhone apps. I’ve discovered a new one – and it’s got a Twilight filter too!

FX Photostudio for iPhone and iPad

Cost $2.99 plus in-app purchase 99 cents for the Hollywood pack (twilight filter)

The basic photo editing tools are only crop, rotate, and gamma (exposure or brightness). If you want blemish or red-eye removal and other editing tools you should also get Perfect Photo. I’ll review it next post but it’s surprisingly powerful.

There are 187 filters to choose from but they categorize them so it’s not overwhelming. Plus you can mark favourites and hide ones you don’t use.

The smartest thing is that you if you figure out a filter combo that’s brilliant you can save it for use again later or even share it.

You can vary the amount of change each filter creates as well. There is a lot of control built in.

I just did some screencaps of my favourite filters below.

Original (photo from robsessed)

With filters – the filter title at top of each pic

And lastly the Twilight filter

It does really look like Catherine Hardwicke helped with that shot.

In case you wanted a Kristen Stewart version I’ve included some too


With filters

Note the iPad version is HD is a separate purchase from the iPhone version and has a few more filters.

There is also a version for Mac as well but no PC one.

More iPhone and iPad app reviews to come.

2 responses to “Want a Twilight photo filter?

  1. luvtwilight72

    Thanks for the review:) Another fun thing to do with my iPhone

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