Fandom Gives Back – Mobile Friendly Compilation

My deepest apologies for the very lengthy delay since my last post. I’ve come out of hiding for a good reason…

For the second time this year I will be working on Fandom Gives Back. FGB is the initiative by Twilight lovers to unite and raise money for charity, mainly Alex’s Lemonade Stand which funds research to fight childhood cancers.

Did you know that FGB has raised almost $250,000 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand? We are only $15,000 away from that goal and hoping this is the year to do it!

To coincide with the Breaking Dawn – Part 1 premiere FGB will be offering a fanfic compilation for a flat donation. There are already over 60 authors signed up but the deadline for author sign ups and submissions is Nov 19th so if you want to sign up you still can!

Why is this Twi-Mobile relevant? I read a lot of fanfic on my iPhone. Not on my desktop or on paper. Hence the fanfic better be iPhone-friendly. My role in all this is to be the compiler eg. I’m the one that puts all these stories into a book. You’ve got to know that means this fanfic compilation will be mobile friendly eg. epub. Of course I’ll still make a PDF version for regular folk 🙂 Any other formats you all need?

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