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Twilight Lexicon Joins Twi-Mobile

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Squee!!  I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Twi-Mobile is now listed as an affiliate at Twilight Lexicon. I got goosebumps seeing my button on their affiliates list – especially when the top one out of the twenty is Stephenie Meyer’s … Continue reading


Directory of Mobile Friendly Twilight Sites

Note this page is now archived but used to be a sticky. Since most blogs nowadays can be made mobile-friendly with an easy dashboard click or a widget it seemed fitting to put this one away. See the Twilight blogs that … Continue reading

Making a Mobile Version of Your Blog

I’ve included info for Blogspot,, and self-hosted WordPress. Keep reading to get started.


Jackson Rathbone Lovers Joins Twi-Mobile

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Twi-Mobile is happy to welcome Jackson Rathbone Lovers to its mobile friendly list. Their lovely admin has even made herself a Twi-Mobile Jackson button. We’ll have an official one coming up soon.

Spunk-Ransom and Join Twi-Mobile

Hey everyone,

Happy to welcome a new wallpaper and icon blog called Gittsy at tumblr – some very pretty stuff.

Also one of my favourite blogs Spunk-Ransom has finally gone mobile – check their mobile site at

There are some special mobile wallpapers coming up this weekend so stay tuned.

Twilight Blog iPhone App Icons – Collect Them All!

So every Twi-Mobile network blog has an icon you can add to your iPhone/iPod touch.

These are the ones we’ve got so far:

(I’m missing Thinking of Rob and Trixie & Tess because their iPhone icons aren’t working and just shows a screencap – let me know when it’s fixed ladies. For mofuse blogs remember it’s in the iPhone settings and you need to add the URL of the image (must right click on the image wherever you have hosted it). Reminder of how to add an iPhone icon to a WordPress or self hosted blog is here).

So even though you technically only need to bookmark Twi-Mobile at to get one stop access to all these mobile blogs, if you want to have a couple pages of app icons dedicated to your Twilight blogs go ahead and put them on your iPhone or iPad.

How to add these to my iPhone homescreen?

To add an icon to your screen of a twilight blog just go to the mobile version of that blog and then click the + sign at the bottom of your iPhone and you should see this page

Select Add to Home Screen and you are done.

Note, Mrs. P at Twibite is helping me test if these work on her new iPad as well.

One Link to All Twilight Mobile Blogs

Recently Dangrdafne tweeted that she didn’t load (I’m assuming she was referring to bookmark) enough mobile blogs on her phone for her Disney trip to Florida. That is what Twi-Mobile is for and I just haven’t been doing a good job telling you all.

Twi-Mobile mobile version

The Twi-Mobile mobile site has a link to every mobile blog that has joined. So, even though you could bookmark all the blogs you love onto your phone and get their awesome icons, if you only have space for one bookmark then go to and bookmark it.

See the Twi-Mobile mobile version from the iPhone? If you scroll down you’ll see links to the mobile versions of some of your favourite blogs here. It’s in alphabetic order for easier navigation.

More iPad and iPhone wallpapers to come. Follow Me or Subscribe by Email to get updates sent to you.