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Read Easier and Improvements for Kindle Users

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I love reading fanfic and the lack of ease of has long been a pet peeve. I don’t blame the admin for that site at all – I’m sure they’re just fanfic lovers like myself who have regular day jobs.

Although the Fanfiction Downloader Appspot has been able to convert stories, I’ve loved using the FLAG webservice for because it’s ease of use.

Guess what? FLAG webservice now works for too! I’m a bit behind posting this since FLAG updated a few months ago.

Other FLAG changes?

  • it now converts into Mobipocket format so it’s Kindle friendly!
  • The LRF option for Sony eReader is gone but Sony devices read epub files anyways.
  • Their website is now although the old URL redirects to the new one.

Super excited about this update to an already good service. Hope you find it useful too!

MotU iPad Wallpapers

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You know how I love reading the fanfic Master of the Universe? I found out very recently that the author Icy has an iPad. I decided to convert our beloved MadMen spoof desktop (originally featured here) to fit on the iPad.

Best if you use iPad in mostly landscape mode
Click to open full resolution for iPad
Best if you use iPad in mostly portrait mode
Click to open full resolution for iPad

These are added to the iPad Wallpaper Archive.

Guide to Fanfic On Your Mobile

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