Guide to Reading Fanfic on Your Mobile Device

Updated June 2011 – with FLAG webservice now being able to convert stories I’ve updated the individual device sections as well.

This info is for reading fanfiction offline eg. saved to your device to read when not connected to the internet.

Information will be for and also

It is an assumption that all the devices below can read PDF files. However, you usually can’t adjust the font size or jump between chapters easily on PDFs. There are better formats for each specific device and I’ll walk you through how to make each one.

Preface – I use an iPhone and iPad. I do not own the other devices but this is info I’ve learned from researching mobile ebook reading online for some time. Comments or corrections are welcome.

Instructions for Downloading and

By Device (click on the device link for more info):

stanza on iPhone/iPod touch

iPod touch/iPhone

  • epub files
  • Stanza app is my preferred app



  • epub files
  • Stanza preferred, iBooks and Kobobooks also in the running

Amazon kindle


  • can read mobi files


Blackberry/Palm/Windows Mobile

Kobo books on Android


Sony eReader

Sony eReader

  • reads epub or also BBeB/LRF files

 Kobo eReader

Kobo eReader

  • reads epub files

If there is a device not listed here that you’d like to include or if you have questions or corrections please email TwilightCupcake at twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com.

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