Kobo eReader

Update June 2011

Kobo eReader

I preface this by saying I do not own a Kobo eReader. I use the Kobo app on my iPad and enjoy it very much. Hence I thought I’d include their eReader device on Twi-Mobile

I prefer using this FLAG webpage to create the epub files as opposed to the Fanfiction Downloader Appspot I mention below. FLAG doesn’t require your Gmail account and is very fast. FLAG does not NOW works for twilighted.net.

FLAG – Fanfiction Lightweight Automatic Grabber

Steps for Using FLAG

  1. Go to the FLAG webpage URL http://flag.erayd.net/ http://www.flagfic.com/
  2. For Fanfiction.net – Type in the Story ID number from the fanfiction.net story you’d like to save. For example in the URL http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4837355/1/Let_Your_Light_Shine the Story ID is 4837355.
  3. For Twilighted.net – Type in the story URL.
  4. Select file format: ePub* – preferred format for Kobo eReader
  5. Click Get and wait for the file to download or input your email to have it emailed to you.

Although it’s not my preferred site I’ve included the following site as well for converting files.

Fanfiction Downloader Appspot

Convert the fanfic into an epub file using the Fanfiction Downloader Appspot on your computer.

Steps for Using the Fanfiction Downloader Appspot Webpage

  1. Go to the Fanfiction Downloader Appspot webpage URL http://fanfictionloader.appspot.com/
  2. Login using your Gmail account username and password.
  3. To convert a new story paste the URL of the first chapter of the fanfic you want and an epub file will be created.
  4. You will then be able to click on “previously downloaded fanfics.”
  5. Click on the title you want to download onto your device and you can store all these epub files on your computer.

Note – You can use your computer to create the epub files and have them stored on the Fanfiction Downloader Appspot website for you to later download. They will be stored for sometime (I’ve usually found it’s a couple of weeks or so).

You can transfer epub files from your computer onto your Kobo eReader via USB just with drag and drop.

Let me (TwilightCupcake) know if you have any questions or corrections at twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com.

3 responses to “Kobo eReader

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  2. So this def works for the Kobo?? Do u by any chance know if the Fanfic Appspot works for the Kindle as well….been asking around but I hardly ever get a good response….

    • Hey Carol. Are you trying to choose between devices? I know that FLAG For converting fanfic definitely works on Kindle and the Kobo should be able to read any epub file and can read PDFs for sure. Email me more and I’ll try and figure it out with you at twimobile (at) gmail (dot) com

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