Sony eReader

Update June 2011 – it’s come to my attention that Sony eReader users are using epub files much more than LRF. Hence info below will reflect epub file use.

Sony eReader

First off, I do not own a Sony eReader. But what I do know is that it reads BBeB/LRF files and hence you will need to convert your fanfic into this type of file. Keep in mind the methods below are just one way of doing things. Let me know if you have additional comments or corrections out there as Sony users.

The FLAG webservice now converts and into epub files – yeah!


FLAG – Fanfiction Lightweight Automatic Grabber

On your computer:

  1. Go to
  2. For – Type in the Story ID number from the story you’d like to save. For example the Lolashoes classic “Let Your Light Shine” story had this URL – The story ID is the highlighted 4837355.
  3. For – Type in the story URL.
  4. Select file format: epub
  5. Click Get and wait for the file to download.

Load onto your Sony eReader via USB cable and you should be good to go.

Please email TwilightCupcake at twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com with comments or corrections.

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