What is a mobile blog?
What is Twi-Mobile?
Where are the mobile friendly blogs listed?
What if my favourite blog/website isn’t on your list?
How do I read fanfiction more easily from my mobile?

for bloggers
I have a blog/website but don’t have a mobile. Does this still apply to me?
I want to mobilize my site – what are my options? Costs?
– for blogger blogs
– for self-hosted wordpress blogs
– for wordpress.com blogs

What is a mobile blog?
If you try and read the regular version of a blog from your cell phone/Blackberry or mobile device like an ipod touch or possibly Kindle you’ll notice that it’s harder to navigate properly.

Regular version – hard to read

It may take forever to load and then you end up wiggling all over the screen. Or if you are using a text-only mode there is a whole bunch of extra crap when all you want to see is the latest post.

Enter the Mobile Blog – you take the regular desktop blog and just get the posts and make them into a compact easy to read version for your mobile phone or device.

Mobile version – easier on the eyes

What is Twi-Mobile?
As a frustrated iPhone user I started compiling a list of all the mobile friendly Twilight blogs and websites into one place. I also helped to convert a few blogs to be mobile friendly. It started as a corner on my regular blog Twilight, Travel, and Treats. Then it just became so big that Twi-Mobile was born.

Where are mobile blogs listed?

 I’ve stickied the Twi-Mobile members list at the top of all the posts. 
From my desktop Twi-Mobile site mobile friendly blogs are listed in the middle sidebar.
From the mobile site they are found in the pull down menu – Pages – Mobile Friendly Blog List.

What if my favourite blog isn’t listed?
Let them know it’s something you’d like to see them do and link them to this page or have them email me at twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll help them get set up. 

Reading fanfic on my mobile
See my post “How to Read Fanfic on your Mobile.” It tells you about online fanfiction.net and reading downloaded (offline) fanfiction.net and offline twilighted.net. Makes it so much easier to travel and read without an internet connection.

For bloggers

I have a blog but don’t have a mobile device I surf from. Does this still apply?

Yes, as a blogger it’s in your interest to keep your followers happy right? Well, about 20% of your readers access your blog from either their cell phone or some other mobile device. This will make it easier for them to follow you while they’re away from their desktops. Your posts are updated instantly as the mobile blog just gets content from your blog’s RSS/Atom feed.

To make your site mobile friendly see this page “Making Your Blog Mobile Friendly

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