Desktop Wallpapers

So despite this being a “dedicated to Mobile” site I’ve decided to add in a desktop area. Because I figure some people like to match their computers and phones together.

All of these should have matching iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry versions.

Posted from newest to oldest.

Click on them for full resolution (1920X1200 usually).

Inspired by Tiffany blue.

Desktop 1920X1200 brushed metal

Desktop 1920X1200

Desktop 1920X1200

 For Valentine’s Day

Desktop 1920X1200

Desktop 1920 X 1200

 For Breaking Dawn filming in hometown Vancouver soon.

Desktop 1920 X 1242 - My personal wallpaper now.Desktop 1280X1024Desktop 1920X1200Desktop 1920X1200Twitter background (for old twitter) 1904X995


Desktop 1920X1242 - b&w with release date

Desktop 1920X1200

Desktop 1920X1200

Inspired by one of my favourite fanfics Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon.

Desktop 1280X1024

Desktop 1920X1200

Desktop 1920X1200

Twitter background (for old twitter) 1904X995

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