iPhone Wallpapers

This is the collection of Twilight wallpapers for the iPhone I’ve amassed. This is by no means an exhaustive list so if you have some favourites you’d like to tell me about send me an email at twicupcake(at)gmail.com to let me know.

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For a tutorial on How To Put Wallpapers on Your iPhone or iPod touch click here.

Updated June 15/2011






Rob Passions – click for more!


Updated February 13, 2011

I got inspired by minimalist design recently.

For Valentine’s Day

iPhone 4 640X960

iPhone 640X960
iPhone 4 640X960


And these were made because I love Tiffany blue.

iPhone 4 640X960


iPhone 4 640X960



Enjoy my first Breaking Dawn wallpaper. Considering there’s a lot more filming to be done I’m sure there’ll be more.

iPhone 4 640X960 retina screen


Updated December 13, 2010


Holiday Rob Wallpapers by Robnipulations

Updated November 11, 2010

Here are the latest iRobs from DreamySim1

iRobs Nov 2010

My favourites

Updated September 10

For the MotU Tribute site

MotU iPhone wallpaper

MotU iPhone wallpaper

MotU iPhone wallpaper

MotU iPhone wallpaper

iPhone Wallpaper Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

MotU iPhone Wallpaper

MotU iPhone wallpaper

MotU iPhone wallpaper

MotU iPhone wallpaper

Updated July 15

The talented MissAmyJoon has posted more iPhone wallpapers on her tumblr blog.

My Favourites
(Click them to go to her blog for download)

Updated July 9
made by DreamySim1
As always click on the images to be taken to her links for download.


Click here to see the whole set
iRobs #9 May 31, 2010


My favourites
Next set


iRobs #10 June 2/2010


My favourites
iRobward Eclipse
Final set


iRobs #11 June 28/2010


My favourites

Updated May 31
made by me

Updated May 20

Official Bella Eclipse from Summit

Updated May 17th
by DreamySim1 on her tumblr (check out over 50 iRobs at the bottom)

Updated May 6

by me (TwilightCupcake)

Super basic.

Updated April 24th
by MissAmyJoon
at http://missamyjoon1.wordpress.com/

Check out her blog for beautiful desktop backgrounds and these iPhone wallpapers.

by Dreamysim1
at http://dreamysim1.wordpress.com/

Check out her deskRobs and iRobs (I absolutely love that she coined the term iRobs!)

To date Dreamysim1 has made almost 50 iRobs here are a few of my favourites from each of her collections:

ifaceRobs (Nov 2009)


Click to see the ifaceRob set


My favourites:
iRobs Set 2 (Dec 2009)


Click to see iRobs Set 2


My favourites
iRobs Xmas Set (Dec 2009)


Click to see iRobs Xmas Set


My favourites
iRobs Set 4 (Dec 2009)


Click to see iRobs Set 4


My favourites


Random Acts of Rob special


iRobs Set 5 (Dec 2009)


Click to see iRobs Set 5


My favourites


iCityRob has matching deskRob here



Click to see iRobs Remember Me Special


My favourites
iRobs Set 7 (Jan 2009)


Click to see iRobs Set 7


My favourites
Bel Ami iRobs (April 2009)


Click to see Bel Ami iRobs


My favourites
Okay, that should keep your iPhone pretty for a few days, don’t you think?

from http://www.zedge.net

This site has so many backgrounds it will leave you reeling. I have posted the ones for other phones in the Mobile Wallpapers Archive. None of the wallpapers below are my creations – you can see the talented artists who made them when you click on the picture and go to their zedge page.

To download:
From your PC or Mac just click on the wallpaper you like and it will take you to the webpage for download.
If you are on your mobile you can directly download Zedge backgrounds to your phone by going to m.zedge.net/zcode and then entering the zCode that is listed for the item you like. 
Uploaded April 26 – Robsten (I’ve included the zCode to use at m.zedge.net/zcode from your mobile or you can click the picture to download to your PC or Mac):


zCode 14117513
zCode 12659565
zCode lovesaga


Let us know what you think and don’t forget to leave our talented artists some love in the comments.


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