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Breaking Dawn Isle Esme At Night Wallpapers

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So this is the original Isle Esme photo that Summit released on Valentine’s Day I didn’t really like it. It’s a bit gloomy don’t you think? Isn’t this more romantic? Hope you like them. I was in the mood for … Continue reading


Kristen Stewart Vogue Wallpapers

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I have noticed a real lack of Kristen Stewart wallpapers recently. Not that I don’t adore Rob but I thought it was only fair… From her recent Vogue shoot – I’ve kept the fiddling to a minimum since I just … Continue reading


New I Heart Twilight/Edward Wallpapers

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cross posted with my regular blog Twilight, Travel, and Treats Some more wallpapers for you all. Thanks for the response from the last post. I couldn’t decide between loving Twilight or loving Edward more!   I’ll be adding these to … Continue reading


Twilight Wallpapers 3D

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cross posted at Twilight, Travel, and Treats   Like any regular girl I have a thing for Tiffany. I love Tiffany blue and would cover everything in it if I could. I thought you might like these. Here are the … Continue reading


New Breaking Dawn Wallpapers

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cross posted with Twilight, Travel, and Treats  In celebration of Valentine’s Day and also Breaking Dawn filming coming to Vancouver, I made some Breaking Dawn wallpapers. Click for full size. I’ve made desktop, iPhone, Blackberry, and iPad versions.

New Rob Christmas Wallpapers For Blackberry, iPhone, iPad

Thank you to the lovely gal at Robmanipulations for putting together these gorgeous Holiday Rob wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry.

Please click the thumbnails for the full size wallpapers for download.

iPhone (320 X 480)

Blackberry (480X360)

iPad (1024X1024)

Find these in the Wallpaper Archives as always and please go check out Robnipulations for more regular desktop wallpapers.

Guide to Fanfic On Your Mobile

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