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50 Shades of Grey Wallpapers

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Cross posted on Twilight, Travel, and Treats I converted some of my Master of the Universe wallpapers for the new 50 Shades of Grey series. for iPhones

Pride & Prejudice for Babies App for iPhone/iPad

Before I fell in love with Twilight I was a Pride & Prejudice fan. I’ve come out of blogging hiatus to tell you about the latest iPad app I like.

Want a good way to introduce Shakespeare or Austen to your little one?

Enter new BabyLit books – available in board book and iPad/iPhone enhanced versions.

I bought the board books first at my local Indigo store and thought it was super cute. It prompted my 8 year old son to spend half an hour asking me about Pride & Prejudice. You know when your child is enraptured by your explanation of why Lizzie won’t marry Mr. Collins that this new book has done its job.

The iPad enhanced version is even better. This is a counting book so it’s like any other baby iPad book that counts objects except this time they are marriage proposals and ballgowns. Bonuses – you can dress Lizzie in different ballgowns and that the whole first chapter of P&P is narrated at the end for you.

My son has yet to listen to the narrated first chapter of P&P that is on the iPad but it’s nice that one day he may stumble upon it.

More titles coming up? Romeo & Juliet is already available but it looks like Jane Eyre and Alice in Wonderland are coming soon.


Want a Twilight photo filter?

I love photography iPhone apps. I’ve discovered a new one – and it’s got a Twilight filter too! FX Photostudio for iPhone and iPad Cost $2.99 plus in-app purchase 99 cents for the Hollywood pack (twilight filter) The basic photo … Continue reading


Breaking Dawn Isle Esme At Night Wallpapers

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So this is the original Isle Esme photo that Summit released on Valentine’s Day I didn’t really like it. It’s a bit gloomy don’t you think? Isn’t this more romantic? Hope you like them. I was in the mood for … Continue reading


Kristen Stewart Vogue Wallpapers

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I have noticed a real lack of Kristen Stewart wallpapers recently. Not that I don’t adore Rob but I thought it was only fair… From her recent Vogue shoot – I’ve kept the fiddling to a minimum since I just … Continue reading


New iPad Wallpapers from The Pattinson Project

The Pattinson Project have been Twi-Mobile members for a long time. I was so pleased to see iPad wallpapers on there. I’ve added them to the iPad Wallpaper Archive as always.


New I Heart Twilight/Edward Wallpapers

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cross posted with my regular blog Twilight, Travel, and Treats Some more wallpapers for you all. Thanks for the response from the last post. I couldn’t decide between loving Twilight or loving Edward more!   I’ll be adding these to … Continue reading