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50 Shades of Grey Wallpapers

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Cross posted on Twilight, Travel, and Treats I converted some of my Master of the Universe wallpapers for the new 50 Shades of Grey series. for iPhones

MotU iPad Wallpapers

cross posted with Twilight, Travel, and Treats

You know how I love reading the fanfic Master of the Universe? I found out very recently that the author Icy has an iPad. I decided to convert our beloved MadMen spoof desktop (originally featured here) to fit on the iPad.

Best if you use iPad in mostly landscape mode
Click to open full resolution for iPad
Best if you use iPad in mostly portrait mode
Click to open full resolution for iPad

These are added to the iPad Wallpaper Archive.


MotU MadMen Spoof Wallpapers Blackberry and LG

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I’ve been catching up with Mad Men this year and couldn’t help putting a bit of Don Draper into Fifty. Blackberry and LG friendly wallpapers below. iPhone, iPad, and desktops will have to wait. LG Wallpapers Blackberry Wallpapers (480X360pixels) Let … Continue reading

Master of the Universe LG Wallpapers

The top ones can be found at the MotU Tribute site as well. These ones are 320X240 and should fit most LG Neon and Env3 phones.

Please left click to be taken to the LG optimized image.

MotU LG wallpaper

Contract background

MotU LG wallpaper

Contract background vertical

LG background Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

I couldn't resist - Robsten

MotU LG wallpaper

Obviously NotSafeForWork/Kids

MotU LG wallpaper

Contract in background - a bit safer for work?

More to come in a bit…