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New iPad Wallpapers from The Pattinson Project

The Pattinson Project have been Twi-Mobile members for a long time. I was so pleased to see iPad wallpapers on there. I’ve added them to the iPad Wallpaper Archive as always.

More Rob/Kristen iPad Wallpapers by Jules

Jules sent me these gorgeous iPad wallpapers – aren’t they pretty?

Jan 13/2011 Creations by Jules iPad Wallpapers

Here are my favourites – click on the thumbnail above or directly on the pics below to be taken to her site for download.

Thanks to the talented Jules. As always I’ll add them to the iPad Wallpaper Archive.

iPad Wallpaper by Creations by Jules

Remember seeing this wonderful desktop wallpaper around a couple months back? I know it was floating around Tumblr and Twitter.

Rob Pattinson wallpaper black white

The fanart designer is Jules of Creations by Jules and she can be found on her wordpress.com blog and also at Tumblr.

I happened upon her beautiful stuff the other day looking for suitable wallpaper for my iPad. Guess what I found?

WFE Rob Pattinson wallpaper iPad

Most desktops wallpaper don’t work but this circle art one is perfect. See?

Click here to get it from her site.

Jules has been kind enough to consider making more iPad and iPhone wallpapers when she has time. Can’t wait to add them to the Twi-Mobile iPad Wallpaper Archive.

New Rob Christmas Wallpapers For Blackberry, iPhone, iPad

Thank you to the lovely gal at Robmanipulations for putting together these gorgeous Holiday Rob wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry.

Please click the thumbnails for the full size wallpapers for download.

iPhone (320 X 480)

Blackberry (480X360)

iPad (1024X1024)

Find these in the Wallpaper Archives as always and please go check out Robnipulations for more regular desktop wallpapers.