I don’t use an Android. But I felt amiss not to have a section in Twi-Mobile. If you are an Android user and have info to add or correct I’d welcome your comments.

There are a ton of eBook reader clients out for Android – want to see a list? There are over 20 listed at this forum post at Mobileread. The biggies like Kindle, nook, and eBooks by Kobo are available.

From reviews it seems that the best dedicated reader client for Android is FBReader.

All of the ones mentioned above read epub files, except for the Kindle client of course which will require mobi or prc files. If you are a Kindle user this is still the way to go as apparently if you sync your Kindle and Android often you will be able to track your progress and have it synced between devices. In that case though you would need to go to the Kindle section of Twi-Mobile.

To convert fanfic into epub files to then be transferred onto your Android using whichever eReader client you prefer please read on…

FLAG – Fanfiction Lightweight Automatic Grabber

Steps for Using FLAG

  1. Go to the FLAG webpage URL
  2. For – Type in the Story ID number from the story you’d like to save. For example in the URL the Story ID is 4837355.
  3. For – Type in the story URL.
  4. Select file format: Mobi (if using the Kindle app) or epub otherwise.
  5. Click Get and wait for the file to download or input your email to have it emailed to you.

Let me (TwilightCupcake) know if you have any questions or corrections at twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com.

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