Blackberry and LG Neon Wallpapers

For all the non-iPhone users I have started a collection of Twilight wallpapers for you as well. iPhone backgrounds can of course be found here.

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Updated February 13, 2011

I got inspired recently by some awesome minimalist designs.

For Valentine’s Day

Blackberry 480X360

Blackberry 480X360

And these were because I love Tiffany blue.

Blackberry 480X360Blackerry 480X360


Because Breaking Dawn is filming in my hometown of Vancouver.

Blackberry 480X360

Updated December 13, 2010

Holiday Rob Wallpapers for Blackberry by Robnipulations

Updated September 27

Remember left click on each one to download the full res image.

LG Wallpapers

MotU LG Mad Men wallpaper

LG friendly - MotU Mad Men Ad spoof

LG - MotU Mad Men and Women spoof

Blackberry Wallpapers (480X360pixels)

Blackberry MotU Mad Men spoof

Blackberry MotU Mad Men ad spoof

Blackberry MotU Mad Men Women spoof

These ones are 320X240 and should fit most LG Neon and Env3 phones.

Please left click to be taken to the LG optimized image.

MotU LG wallpaper

Contract background

MotU LG wallpaper

Contract background vertical

LG background Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

I couldn't resist - Robsten

MotU LG wallpaper

Obviously NotSafeForWork/Kids

MotU LG wallpaper

Contract in background - a bit safer for work?

For Blackberry

MotU blackberry wallpaper

MotU blackberry wallpaper

MotU blackberry wallpaper

MotU blackberry wallpaper

MotU blackberry wallpaper

Last one from the ones I made for the MotU Tribute site.


You can choose your model of phone (almost guaranteed they’ll have it listed unless it’s super old) and there are hundreds of wallpapers for each model. Mind you they aren’t all as gorgeous as the ones that MissAmyJoon and DreamySim1 make but they’ll do while those girls are working on more creations. For the Blackberry Curve alone I found over 200 Twilight backgrounds.

To download:
From your PC or Mac just go to
If you are on your mobile you can directly download Zedge backgrounds to your phone by going to and then entering the zCode that is listed for the item you like. 

Uploaded April 26 – Robsten backgrounds (I’ve included the zCode to use at from your mobile or you can click the picture to download to your PC or Mac):

For Blackberry Curve

zCode 4h3gtrfe
zCode uritfgyih
zCode 14756871

For Samsung Propel (in honour of MissAmyJoon)

zCode 13317735
zCode 14238150
zCode nic103

If your phone model isn’t listed let me know in the comments.

One response to “Blackberry and LG Neon Wallpapers

  1. i need more pics for the lg neon more variety

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