Directory of Mobile Friendly Blogs

List updated June 3, 2012 – any broken links let me know asap thanks.
See the Twilight blogs that are easy to read from your mobile.
Twi-Mobile Members
* = mobile site under construction
17 Forever
808 Twilighters
To affiliate with us please contact TwilightCupcake at twimobile(at)gmail(dot)com

4 responses to “Directory of Mobile Friendly Blogs

  1. Toxic Lautner Online has moved to blogger. If you want to update to Thanks!

  2. You’re welcome….but TLO is no more…its been moved since May 2011. Its now The Lautner Ladies @ We had some issues and we’re now back!

  3. Really good idea to have a directory of mobile-friendly blogs. I was searching for them and was surprised not to see more. I’m sure that as more people use iphones etc. to browse the internet we’ll see more directories like this.

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